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Other than being the most comfortable and soft tank that you will want to both sleep and live your life in (it's not REALLY dirty, right?), it's also on SALE! Need I continue?

While you can easily dress it down with some leggings, tennis shoes and your favorite baseball cap, I choose to dress it up a little! My go to outfit is a pair of blue or white denim, a cute floppy hat and little wedges that I, of course, got at TJ Maxx. Although my style changes a dozen times per season, one essential part of my wardrobe remains the same: COMFORT!

Even if i'm in the most expensive, chic, designer brand outfit, I will not feel as confident as I should be if i'm not comfortable. Forget "beauty is pain", ladies, I'm all about "comfort is confidence!"

So get cute, get comfy, choose your attitude and change the world!


P.S. Show us how you styled YOUR swing tanks and we might just feature you on our Instagram!

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