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Simply Bee Vest


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Empty your mind, stop thinking about anything. Simply be.

Picture this: you've just finished an intense workout at the gym. You're feeling accomplished, sweaty, and maybe just a tad bit smug. As you make your way to the changing room, you realize that the world outside is not ready for all that fabulousness you're serving up. But fear not, we have the perfect solution for you: an open shawl with pockets. It's the garment that says, "I may have just crushed that workout, but I'm also ready to take on the world with style and grace."

This shawl is as comfortable as it is chic. It drapes over your shoulders with a gentle caress, making you feel like a goddess on the go. And let's not forget about those pockets. They are a game-changer. Whether you need a place to stash your keys or a little snack to keep your energy levels up, these pockets have got your back.

Now, let's talk about versatility. Not only is it perfect for to throw over your gym clothes, pair it with a cute tank and some jeans for a casual yet elegant look that says, "I didn't try too hard, but I still look effortlessly fabulous."

It's one size fits most. That's right, no fussing over measurements or worrying about whether it will fit your body like a glove. This shawl is designed to flatter and embrace all body types, because every woman deserves to feel simply fabulous.

95% Rayon + 5% Spandex

One Size Fits Most


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