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Summer Essentials

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Summer Essentials

Doesn’t it always seem to go straight from Winter to Summer? It does here in Nashville, anyways. We’ve got some 80 degree days ahead and I wanted to share with you all our summer essentials!

The Hoodie Tunic:

These super light weight Hoodie Tunics make the perfect cover-up for the pool or to keep in your bag once the sun sets and the air drops! They’re made a little longer than your hips, so you beach bums can have a little more beach and a little less bum ;)

The Beach Pouch:

On top of being the cutest shade of turquoise with blush tasseled zippers, these Beach Pouches come with two fully waterproof outside pockets so you never have to worry again about your phone getting wet!

Hit the beach with Bee Attitudes this summer for style and confidence.



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