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Let It Bee

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*Cue The Beatles*

Let’s talk a minute about what it means to let things be. By definition, it means to stop disturbing or interfering with someone or something. So, what does that really mean to us?

Letting something or someone be is referring to something negative affecting ones life. Whether it’s a friendship that just didn’t work out, a relationship gone wrong or an unappreciative teenager (don’t worry, we always come around), there are so many parts of life that we need to just let bee.

(My life consists of worrying 100% of the time, so I’m preaching to myself here, too, because I don’t want to live a life full of constant worry!)

My advice to all you worry warts like me out there is to focus on the things you CAN change, and let the things you can’t simply be. To be the best you and do your best to bring that out of others. To take a deep breath before worrying and stressing, which I know is a first reaction for a lot of people, and it takes time and practice. To always show kindness and gratitude and know that the negativity in your life will wash away when you just Let It Bee.

We’d love to hear of some ways you all destress and let things bee, so comment, share, whatever you want to do, for we are all here to support each other and grow together!



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