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2018 Summer Trends

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Being in Nashville, we live in a very fashion-focused city! Here are some of the top trends we’ve seen for summer 2018:

1. Straw. Straw hats, straw bags, straw everything! Check out TJ Maxx and Nordstrom rack for some cute, affordable straw hats and bags!

2. Bright colors. While denim and black will always be a go-to, we’ve noticed that colors are back in and we are oh-so happy about that! Let those colors shine, girl!

3. Ruffles. Go raid your mom/grandmas closet and see if she still has some ruffle pieces! Both tops and bottoms, these are back in style and better than ever!

4. Stripes. Baby blue stripes, to be exact. Hello, seersucker!

5. KINDNESS! While (obviously) being kind is always in style, we’ve noticed a big change this year in how people treat others. Girls are lifting each other up instead of seeing each other as competition. If you struggle with seeing others as competition, whether that’s in your field of work or in appearance, train your brain to be happy for other women and know that there is not one other you in the world! That’s one trend we hope sticks forever.

No matter what style is trending, we hope that you all always choose to bee kind, grateful, fearless and, above all else, bee yourself!



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