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Bee Baseball Caps

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For all you ladies who could never pull off a baseball cap (uh, me), I feel ya. I was never a fan of them on me until I realized how USEFUL they are! The sun is real, y’all, and this baseball cap has saved my face and scalp from getting some major burns. 

I have the Bee Kind hat and not only are they super comfy, I get so many compliments on how cute the message is! 

I wear mine when I’m working out and running, but I also love pairing it with a cute tee, jeans and booties when I’m out on the town with my friends! You’d be surprised how cute of an outfit you can put together with a Bee Kind ball cap. 

So grab yourself a ball cap or 3 and, remember, you can ALWAYS Choose Your Attitude and Change the World! 


(P.S...Because I want you to 🐝 Kind to your skin and keep your face out of the sun, use code FREESHIPYAY to get free shipping today through Wednesday!)

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