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Bee Bully Proof is our youth line of Bee Attitudes tees and accessories designed for elementary, middle and high school students who want to put an end to bullying in their hallways, classrooms, schools and the world.  Our attitudes are a reminder to embrace their individuality, celebrate their differences, stand up for others and reach out to someone who needs a friend.  By teaching our children the power of positive attitudes and actions we are fostering a generation who can change the world one attitude at a time. Our line Bee Bully Proof lip balm collection is a especially popular and is a great add-on with any Bee Bully Proof shirt.

In the fall of 2013, we partnered with STARS and the Nashville Predators on the Bee A Friend Campaign.  STARS is a non-proft that provides prevention, intervention and treatment services in schools in Nashville and surrounding areas. Visit STARS to become a member and be part of the solution to end bullying.  When you become a member or make a one time donation, you will receive a Bee A Friend- created of course, by us!


Bee Bully Proof Attitudes in above photo from left to right: Bee Just/Just Bee, Gotta Bee Me, Bee Kind True You and Gotta Bee Me. More attitudes available for Girls and Boys in our Boutique.

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