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The Month of Giving Thanks

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“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.”
-Melody Beattie

Now that fall is in full force and Halloween has passed, it’s time for the month of giving thanks.

We so often get caught up in our fast paced lives that we forget to stop and be thankful! No matter how small or silly it may seem, expressing our gratitude is necessary for having a well lived, well loved life.

And If your family is like mine, you always get asked what you are thankful for this year. Family, faith and friends all carry a lot of weight, but here are a few unique things I’m thankful for that you may not have thought about:

1. The bad. “Uhhh why are you thankful for something bad??” I am thankful for my trials and hard times especially the past few years, for I have learned so much from them. Things I wouldn’t have learned if the bad didn’t happen. So if you are going through something bad right now, know that there is a reason and maybe you will be thankful for it down the road!

2. Today. I am thankful for every today that I’m given, though some may feel not worthy of giving thanks (ps...they are). I am practicing not worrying about tomorrow and living today fully.

3. Our Senses. Having full capability of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling. Something most of us all have but don’t give thanks for. Going outside and seeing the changing leaves, smelling the crisp air, hearing the wind and tasting all the apple pie. That is something to give thanks for.

Bee Attitudes is especially thankful for you, so much so that we want to give you readers 15% off your purchase from now until Nov 12th using code GIVETHANKS at checkout!

Choose your attitude this holiday season and change the world, one “thanks” at a time.



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