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Bee Attitudes, is a lifestyle brand that promotes empowerment, kindness, happiness and strength - all positive attitudes we want to embody. Our tag-line states, “Choose Your Attitude + Change The World.” I’m Lizzie the owner and I want you to know that I do honestly believe that having a positive attitude can change the world, but I also want to be clear I do NOT believe having one is always easy!

It hit me sometime during the height of the pandemic when I was moving our stock to a new location and I picked up a shirt that said Bee Happy. I thought with all that’s going on, where do I get off telling people how to feel, to BEE HAPPY. How did I EVER have the nerve to tell people “it’s a choice, you can wake up and just be happy.” It felt very trite and superficial compared to what was going on in our world.

I wrestled with this for a while. I had a stock room full of shirts that were sitting on a shelf mocking me, making me doubt myself and my brand and I wasn’t sure how to move forward.  And then it hit me - while the messages on our shirts might be simple, it’s okay if they are just a small reminder to each of us to try to be kinder or more grateful.

That being said, mental-health is an important issue we need to deal with as a society.  So, I do want to dig a little deeper, talk about the real meaning of our attitudes and how they affect you, your friends, your family and our world. I don’t just want to be a greeting on a shirt - I want to know the reason you put on a Bee Fierce shirt today or gave your friend a Bee Strong cap.  Let’s share more and learn more about each other because I think learning and listening to each other is where the real change begins.

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