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Help - My Gratitude is Giving Me Anxiety!

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“Gratitude doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means putting your focus on the things you appreciate in your life.” Easy – right?

Bee Grateful should be the easiest attitude for me to wear with authenticity. I have great kids, an amazing circle of friends, a comfortable lifestyle and some of the simplest pleasures are right outside my door. 

I could fill pages with things I am grateful for, but for some reason there’s this murky, almost oily, residue that floats beneath the surface tainting my joy.  I get tripped up with the seemingly simple act of living a life of gratitude - courtesy of a little anxiety and a bit of depression.

I am grateful that my children are healthy and are growing into amazing human beings. But then a spiral begins - feelings of inadequacy as a parent - did I say the right thing?  Why didn’t I cook healthier meals when they were growing up?  I should have been more organized - and that list goes on... 

But I’m learning to quiet that voice. 

Gratitude is a profound and individual experience for everyone. Whatever your beliefs are there is a certain spirituality to how you receive life’s gifts. I am learning to stop questioning what I deserve and just be thankful for the big things and the small stuff.

(The Bee Grateful picture is from our early days - and that attitude is still going strong! I’m grateful to my business partners back then - Merissa Costanza and Jessie Rosenblum - who helped shape Bee into what it is today!)

Lizzie Stuhlreyer is the owner of Bee Attitudes, grappling with the true meaning of the messages behind her brand.  We'd love to hear your stories behind the attitudes you wear  - please message us at

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