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Finding Your Kind

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Hello! My name is Rebekah. I am the founder and creator of a social movement called The Kind Way (check us out! @thekindway), but I was given the amazing opportunity to join the Bee Attitudes, sharing a little piece of my heart with all of you! You will find me here again every once in awhile. 

Before I get to the good stuff, I just want to share with you a little bit about myself. More so, I am going to tell you some of my favorite things because that’s more fun than learning what I majored in and how many siblings I have…amirite? :) 

So here is me, rebekah, in a nutshell: 

My friends call me beks. 

My roots are in south dakota. 

Red wine is my jam. 

So is teaching zumba. 

I think elephants are the most beautiful creatures ever created. 

I love cozy, rainy days and coffee. 

Grammar is important, and hand-written letters are my absolute favorite. 

So is pho and facetiming my mom seven times a day.

You had me at dessert.  

and… I believe kindness can change the world. 

Wait - scratch that. i KNOW kindness can change the world. 

And this is what I want to openly discuss with you today: the power of kindness. It seems so elementary, right? to be kind… 

But I think we forget the simplicity of it. Kindness doesn’t always have to be something you do. rather, it can be state of being. Learning to love exactly who you. Learning to find your kind and making that a staple in your life!

And life is hard sometimes. It gets complicated. It hurts. We feel pain, love, loss, confusion… and nowadays, more than ever, we are just continuously going going going. Which do not get me wrong, this often times can be a good thing - especially when this means you are super involved with your community, your children’s school, you’re kick-staring a company, you’re working full-time and also getting your masters, you’re getting married, etc… (you see - I get it! going, going, going has its positives!) 

But in the midst of all the crazy… do you remember the little things, the kindness, that makes life.. good? I am talking about when you go get your coffee and you take the time smile at your barista and appreciate them. I am talking about holding the door for a stranger or even a loved one. I am talking about letting a car cut in front of you in traffic (okay, I struggle with this one…) I am talking about sitting down with your kids at dinner and asking them the joys of their day. I am talking about believing in your heart and the dreams you are chasing without letting doubt or fear creep in to stop you. I am talking about savoring and living fully in each moment/with every opportunity of your go-go-go life, even if it is not easy. Because how life works will not change, folks. EEEEP sorry to say! But the good news is that we can change how we as individuals choose to live in this life. 

Last week, November 13th, was world kindness day. A friend told me that this day for me was like Christmas morning, and I just couldn’t agree more! 

In honor of this, I worked on a little project with a handful of my friends and family to ask their children what kindness means to them (link to video below). The innocence and purity of child-like love is precious. They associate kindness with things or people that make them happy (their responses are priceless – will give you a great laugh!). What I have come to learn is that kindness cannot be defined concretely by one word or phrase or idea… because it is so many things and that is what makes it special. It comes from who you are. and that is why I titled this post ‘finding your kind’…

Kindness is…

I challenge you to find your kind and share it with the world. share it in everything and all you do and share it with me too! I truly want to know what kindness is to you - please DM me on Instagram: @beeattitudes or even email me at matter to me. your story matters to me. I cannot wait to hear from you!

with kindness,


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