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In our effort to bring awareness to the social injustices that women face all over the world, Bee Attitudes is proud to present BEE EMPOWERED written by our own Sonata Stanton. 

“Get in the arena, show up. Do your thing and don’t be afraid to get your ass kicked a little bit”. —Brene Brown

I get overwhelmed easily. I do not like this about myself. I over think everything. I worry, pace, and exhaust my friends. My friends love me, listen, and offer solutions to my madness. They understand my need for perfectionism, but they also push me to take risks, and ask for help when I need it.

Starting the blog for Bee Attitudes is no exception. I've never cared more for how I come across.

Through patience and stubbornness not to give up, (thanks Dad for that trait), here I am.

My boss Lizzie has charged me with one of the most interesting and worthy assignments I have ever had —feature organizations that empower women who are healing from trafficking, addiction and violence. Our goal is to raise awareness of the injustice of how women are viewed and treated.

I am inspired daily I am in awe. We honor these women. We honor the founders of organizations that empower women. Yes, I am completely intimidated by starting a blog. I am doing it though, because I am finding out about too much good to not share.

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